Can I use my lasergrip for taking someone’s body temperature? 

No, our lasergrips are not intended for use on humans. They are not harmful towards human skin, but will not provide a medically-accurate reading. They only measure the surface temperature of an object and are designed more for industrial or household use (ovens, pipes, machinery, car parts, etc). 

Can I use this for cooking? 

The lasergrip can provide the surface temperature of pans, stoves, or foods; but this reading is different from internal temperatures such as the inside of meats or the air inside an oven.

How do I open the battery compartment for my lasergrip? 

The battery is stored inside the lasergrip handle:


For brand-new units, the battery must be unwrapped and the ports on the battery must also be snapped into place.

What’s the difference between each model?

All of our lasergrips measure similarly, but the chart below lists the differences and similarities between models:


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